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Considering the current Coronavirus situation we would like to notify the public that at this point in time we are remaining open and fully functional.

We would like to reassure our clients that we are continuing our high standards of disinfection and cleanliness as well as ensuring alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available for clients to use when they come to visit the practice.

We have implemented some new protocols at our clinic to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus and to help keep our staff and clients safe.

We ask that the public do take these safety protocols SERIOUSLY and work alongside us to help do our part for the community.

Our Protocol:

  • All clients will be waiting in their cars and getting a call prior to your entry into the clinic. You will speak to a member of our staff that will let you know when it is your turn to enter. (We are trying to minimize the number of people in our waiting room)
  • We have placed some marking tape inside the clinic for clients to stand behind. This will help to keep the distance between people and help prevent the spread of any germs.
  • Entry Rule-  only one person per animal enter the clinic (where possible)
  • We are currently still accepting cash payments but do prefer card payments where possible
  • If you are unwell at all or have been out of the country in the last 14 days please keep away from the clinic. If you have an urgent matter please call us to discuss options

Please remember we are only trying to do our part for our community and staff to help keep everyone safe during these tough times.